24 Sep


 Marking can be hectic for an individual especially when done for long hours.  Manual making of exams and test has a lot of challenges and shortcomings.  Technology has however made a lot of things easier in this day and age.  There are different online marking software in which an individual or examining body can use.   Ones should, therefore, pick the right marking software for the job.  Discussed are key advantages of an online marking software and for sure you will be assured of the mark you get in the long run.


 One of the gains of using online marking software is less time is consumed.  Marking manually is very time-consuming.   It takes a lot of time for them to finish up the marking of all those classes this directly leads to delay in the realize of marks and grade to the examinees.  In institutions of higher learning, it is not uncommon to hear students complaining of missing marks due to examinants who lost their scripts.   Marking for long hours the same content may lead to boredom reducing the focus on an examiner which in turn reduces the quality of work done.


 the quality of marking is maintained.   It is unfair in cases where the mistakes made while making negatively affect the grade and mark of the examinees. Mistakes made while making including skipping of some question, righting where the answer given is wrong and wrong summation.  With online marking software mistakes are made.  In cases where the examiners have no idea on how to work with the online marking software they should consider bringing a software engineer to help. Find out more at www.testreach.com.


 There are minimal interferences when it comes to marking exams with online marking software.  With online marking software the result found after marking are permanent and cannot be manipulated as the recording is done immediately.  With online marking software there is no cheating in terms of scoring for a favourite candidate on the side of the examiner.  Candidates, therefore, are not in a position to change the scores they get.   The online marking software should also have the capacity to store large chunks of data. 


Last but not least, online marking software ensure standardization of marking.  When dealing with several markers, it is almost impossible to ensure that they all mark with the same standard.  Using human markers it is difficult to maintain uniformity.  People also have different passing rates.  The online marking software also can give feedback to candidates.  The online marking software can also provide past papers to candidates. Discover more about these services at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assessment_for_learning.

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