24 Sep

Today almost everything is done online.  When the need for expertise emerge, many organizations now prefer using online assessment to source for someone to fill the vacancies. Online survey according to the past surveys has been found to be less expensive compared to other recruitment methods. Some believe that online assessment is straightforward, reasonable, accurate and easy to complete; hence, they prefer it to any other recruitment method.  Organizations have used online assessment for various reasons, including promoting its employees and hiring, its use has increased over a couple of past few years. Click here for more info.

Recruiters are finding it difficult these days when selecting someone to fill various vacancies in their institutions due to the increased competition in various careers. By embracing online assessment the recruiters are able to sideline people with sub-standard qualities from those who are to attend the interview. With online assessment the recruiters are able to fill argent positions in a short time.  Choosing to use online assessment will help the organization avoid various costs such as travel cost, advertising, employee referral fees, screening and assessment fee, hiring managers and company recruiter cost.  Online assessment can serve several people so long as they are connected to the internet and can be done at any time of the day and any location. 

Online assessment is mainly based on the accuracy and consistency of the assessment, the recruiter must assess your passions, personal and interpersonal skills.  A person with the right ability will be given the job bearing in mind having someone with so much experience may result to boredom and the same time having someone with less ability may result to stress and at some time getting overwhelmed.  Online assessment helps the recruiter assess your personality and get to understand your behaviors and traits, one’s personality is a key factor as it shows how you are going to conduct yourself throughout the working period. 

Having the assessment done online, one can enjoy some privileges such as doing things in a way they are used to compared to being restricted with the recruiter being present. Online assessment reduces the administrative burden.  You can imagine having to print and transport questionnaires then distribute and go through them after, it can be a very big burden to you, you only have to type and distribute instead.  With the assessment done online, marking can be done in a short time and the feedback distributed to the applicants.  Once the questions are set you can have an automated marking tool, this will mean the recruiter will not have to look at all these papers since he or she will only collect the marks. For more information, click here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Formative_assessment.

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